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After the Storm
The sea is still,
but the salty air still shivers-
the last dregs of anger from the once violent winds...
         after the storm.
The smell still lingers,
driftwood and death-
clinging to the wreckage...
         after the storm.
The cries of mourning hearts,
reach from across the vast expanse-
lamenting sailors lost to the waves...
         after the storm.
Burial at sea,
Davy Jones' locker-
the fear of sailors...
         after the storm.
A cough, a gasp,
an isle uncharted-
forty-two portions of hope...
         after the storm.
:iconpatchwork-poet:Patchwork-Poet 1 0
Graceful- something I'll never be.
Graceful and beautiful,
lithe as she glides through the waters.
But wouldn't you know,
that beautiful, graceful creature,
began as something different-
She began as something
not quite so stunning
:iconpatchwork-poet:Patchwork-Poet 1 0
Just a little bit of my heart,
longs to be noticed.
A faint hope awakes in my soul
that maybe, just maybe
A slight part of you
longs for me too.
:iconpatchwork-poet:Patchwork-Poet 1 0
Black frames sit atop the bridge of your nose,
hiding your eyes, hiding your gaze,
as you watch the passersby.
You make up little stories for them,
put yourself in their shoes.
What is their life like?
What did they leave for this vacation?
Don't you wish you could have one too?
This is the curse of the writer-
Constant company.
The muse doesn't ever shut up.
:iconpatchwork-poet:Patchwork-Poet 3 0
Write or Die 8.1.10
     "I don't like where this is going Hank...I'm not comfortable with this." The man looked around wearily, as if to make sure the area was secure. "They're only kids for god's sake. We shouldn't be doing this."
     "Relax Jim," Hank replied, "they're high-schoolers, if they haven't been exposed already, then we're doing them a favor."
     But Jim protested. "What if they're caught? How do we know that some scrawny high school kid isn't gonna rag on us to the feds? We could be jailed for this, man. We're talking about a highly illegal substance."
     "They're not gonna rag on us, cause they're not gonna meet us, they're not even gonna see us. We drop the goods, and call them to pick em up. Zero contact. Besides, how else are we supposed to get it back out there? The government has no right to take this away from us. Caff is nothin compared to the shit that was illegal when we were ki
:iconpatchwork-poet:Patchwork-Poet 0 0
Life keeps changing,
keeps moving forward,
and we're just hanging on,
along for the ride.
We're doing our best,
making a difference,
and touching as many lives as possible,
along the way.
Times are changing,
we've only got one chance,
the same as everyone else,
before eternity claims us.
:iconpatchwork-poet:Patchwork-Poet 1 3
War, hatred, pain... it's everywhere,
     And America never even blinks.
Countless lives are laid down,
     For you, for your freedom.
Death, destruction, insanity... it abounds.
     Soldiers live, and they die,
For you, for your dreams,
     For everything you refuse to stand for,
     Even though you know you should.
They provide- safety, security, freedom.
     And how do you repay them?
                    You don't.
The thought never even crosses your mind.
You tie up your yellow ribbons,
     Boldly proclaiming your support.
But by morning, you've forgotten.
     So much for your loyalty.
:iconpatchwork-poet:Patchwork-Poet 0 2
Graffiti Art
We'll graffiti our memories,
Here on these walls.
Destruction? Or art?
All we want is to be remembered,
To make a difference here,
To someone.
When we're gone from this place,
Years from now,
Making choices, making change,
You'll remember us,
Us and our graffiti art,
And you'll see.
:iconpatchwork-poet:Patchwork-Poet 0 0
The Truth of the Matter
Seconds like days,
Minutes like years,
As we run from the unexpected-
Walking these tightrope lines.
We're chasing the past,
Unaware of the future, and
Missing the present.
All the while grasping for something
Go ahead,
Carry on this dysfunctional lifestyle,
Just a little
S   T 
:iconpatchwork-poet:Patchwork-Poet 1 2
Pachelbel's Canon
She could hear the music begin, as she turned and twirled in front of the mirror, waiting. In a few short minutes, she would walk down the aisle to Pachelbel's Canon, beautiful, steps perfectly planned; he would look at her, and not be able to help smiling. She had been dreaming of this day for her entire life; the day she would finally belong to someone.
There was a knock at the door, it was her turn. As she approached the sanctuary door, friends and family in the audience stood. Soft smiles and tears gazed at her from all sides. Candles and lilies adorned the pews, just as she had wanted. As the music progressed, her feet took her carefully down the aisle towards the priest. Her eyes watched the floor as she prepared herself. He would be there, smiling at her, as he had promised over and over again.
A few steps from the front of the room now, she turned her face upward and gazed at the empty space next to the altar, smile withering. Her world crashed around her as those in the front
:iconpatchwork-poet:Patchwork-Poet 6 5
Loves Me Not
Plucking petals of false hope,
                He loves me, he loves me not
Long lost wishes resurface,
                He loves me, he loves me not
Childish habits return anew,
                He loves me, he loves me not
Destroying flowers for a glimpse,
                He loves me, he loves me not
A glimmer, of that little thing called love.
                He loves me…
:iconpatchwork-poet:Patchwork-Poet 3 3
Hear your staccato heartbeat,
The rhythm of my soul-
Ticking away the moments we share.
Beat by beat, life goes on,
As seasons come and go.
What lasts but love?
Your staccato heartbeat,
Keeping time with ease-
The rhythm of our love.
:iconpatchwork-poet:Patchwork-Poet 1 0
Mature content
Lies :iconpatchwork-poet:Patchwork-Poet 1 0
Love Dies is deep, loud and full.
Eternally binding, the melding of hearts.
Wild, free, and reckless it runs,
Willfully urging young passions to flow.
But not this love, not this heart.
Tamed, caged, and broken, passions die.
You pulled, took and tore,
Leaving broken pieces, scattered, lost.
I remember...everything.
Every word, touch, and caress,
Every gentle kiss and whispered affection.
Every night, lost in your arms, your smile.
But love,
It's fickle figure, It's honeyed lies,
Surely you know,
Love dies.
:iconpatchwork-poet:Patchwork-Poet 1 0
Easily Amused
"What've ya got there cat?"
But as the words leave my lips I know.
One black bobby-pin,
Pushed around the vinyl floor by white-socked paws.
If only people were so easily amused.
:iconpatchwork-poet:Patchwork-Poet 0 0
An Artist Indeed
The words stick inside me,
Glued to my mind.
As hard as I try they won't flow.
An artist indeed,
Something's wrong with me see.
What's a poet with words that aren't free?
:iconpatchwork-poet:Patchwork-Poet 1 2

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Weapon of Choice
Born in pain, in anger
Raised with loss, all strangers
Shaken by fear, unyielding
No sense of self, no feeling
Forged in the agony of flames
Buried by the weight of my own chains
Burned into ashes, then born again
Purpose, retribution, found within
Tempered, by life, by chaotic noise
Focused, aware, one lifted voice
Welded, melded, into a new reality
Understanding, of what was, and what must be
Crafted, by fate, by my own hand
Forth I go, alone, I will stand
Battered by storms unchecked and bruised
Yet I still live, I still choose
A weapon, raised above
Quiet, but forceful, one of love
Wielded with care, and sometimes with grace
Each day carried is seen on my face
Often shattered, but always forged again
Every journey, starts with "begin"
A banner of salvation, this I hoist
I am, at the last, as always, my own weapon of choice
jlp August 3, 2010
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 70 74
The clock on her grandfather's mantelpiece had been broken since she was a little girl. She could remember the day that he opened its tiny glass door and moved the hands so they would read a minute to midnight. He turned and gave her a wink before closing the case again.
The night he died, she was sitting in the living room reading a book. Her eyes went up and unbidden to the clock. Its hands moved, just once, of their own accord. Midnight at last.
Her book fell to the floor; for she knew, then, that he was gone.
----- ----- -----
:iconthebrassglass:TheBrassGlass 5 5
Dr Rice and his lance by Sprocketz Dr Rice and his lance :iconsprocketz:Sprocketz 1 1 The Four Elements by Kitsune-Seven The Four Elements :iconkitsune-seven:Kitsune-Seven 293 28
Lift Your Voice
We live in a world,
That for some reason teaches us,
To keep our voices silent,
When instead, we should lift them up
We are so afraid of being wrong...
We live in a world,
That seems so out of reach,
So many people choose,
To not practice what they preach
How long must this go on...?
We...all...have...a voice...
And to use it should be our choice...!
Raise it to the heavens,
And scream out your pain!
If we all sing,
We can never be contained!
And every day,
Sing the same refrain...
We live,
        (And we live)
And we live,
        (And we live...)
(So sing the song again...)
We live in a world,
That offers second chances,
But so many ignore them,
Don't give them second glances
We are so afraid of falling out of line...
We live in a world,
Where so few have everything,
And so many have nothing,
Not even their dreams
How long...must this
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 65 87
Depression hurts
Broken, shattered, torn into pieces
Caught in a world where everyday life ceases
Depression, cutting, bleeding my heart
Everything I loved is all falling apart
Everyday life feels more like a chore
There's not a whole lot I can do anymore
I don't expect you to understand the pain
although, if you did, I wouldn't have to explain
One cannot say "no pain no gain"
For emotional pain is hard to maintain
It cuts deeper than the deepest cut
Imagine a wound that would never shut
You bleed and bleed but you put on a smile
thinking if you do, the pain would go away for a while
But at night is when it all comes back
everything you tried hard for, all falls off track
You often wonder if life is worth living
when people around you can be so unforgiving
and no matter how much you try to stop crying
inside, emotionally, you feel like your dying
Before you even think or say "stop being so depressed"
We wish we could and it's causing us more stress
It doesn't go away with a mere hug or a kiss
Do you re
:iconamandas-sketches:amandas-sketches 234 104
Like Blazing Angels
I have lived in total fear,
Walked and talked with it,
Slept with it and dreamed
I have faked clarity of vision,
Gone into a free fall,
And screamed
I have fought myself,
And others,
While searching for life's clues
I have been angry
I have been beaten down
But now I rise like blazing angels
Because I refuse to drown
In the mire that is life
I will never give in,
Not completely,
Even to myself,
Although I will have times,
I'll wish I'm someone else
I do not fight to just fight,
And I do not expect to lose,
I fight because it is right,
I fight because that is what I choose
I have been inspired
To raise myself higher
Than I ever thought I'd go
I am a blazing angel
A burning beacon in the night
jlp March 17, 2010
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 46 66
Dare to Believe
Dare to Believe
I hear so many people,
Say that they don't believe
They run away, avoid the future,
And spend life on their knees
They...they are afraid...
To take that step...
To look inside,
To look inside themselves
Passion runs hot,
With everything we know,
But if we don't believe,
That passion runs cold!
I dare you to believe,
Open your mind,
Open your heart,
Open your eyes and see
I dare you to believe,
One people,
One world,
Sharing the same needs
Always...always dare to dream... who you should be...
I dare you to believe...
I see so many people,
Challenging what they feel,
They think that if they can't touch it,
Then that means it's not real
They...they make a mistake...
Every single time...
That they! That they!
That they turn away
Just hasn't been done,
Only hasn't been done yet,
But that little piece of wisdom,
Is one most people forget!
I dare you to believe,
Open your mind,
Open your heart,
Open your eyes and see
I dare you to believe,
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 39 41
I Hope I Live to See
I hope I live to see,
That smile upon your face,
I hope to see it in person,
Please, just one day
And I hope that the good times,
Always outweigh the bad
I hope that my memories,
Will be something I always have
I hope I live to see,
You everyday of my life,
You are the rock that holds me,
Me, you have never denied
And I hope that our future,
Is as bright as it can be
I hope that the love we share,
Lasts all eternity
And I hope that tomorrow,
Will be better than today
I hope that the sun always rises,
I hope for, I believe in change
I hope I'll always see,
Peoples hearts as they rise above
And the one thing I hope I never lose,
Is the strength of my love
I hope I live to see,
People as they cease to cry,
As they hold on to their faith,
Even through a long, cold night
And I hope that someday,
Someone will sing my songs,
I just want to be heard so loud,
It's all I've hoped for all along
I hope I live to see,
You as you grow and learn,
The love that I have for you,
Is one that will always
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 73 118
She was beautiful,
like roses in June.
Her petals whisked away
all thoughts born of sadness.
Blue was the color that swirled
around my heart all dizzy and mad.
Her thorns became ladders
for me to climb,
where they had pricked and stung
those that came before.
I had loved her so tightly
that sinking into her
nearly drowned me.
Red was the color of my love,
which filled me with
thick, sticky sweetness.
Heather gray were her eyes,
as was her casket
that was fixed so solidly
in my mind, that when it shut,
so did my heart.
:iconopheliawhispers:OpheliaWhispers 4 3
Innovation for Writers
There have always been a lot of writers on deviantART begging for more recognition. It's understandable that literature is given a lower priority: as I'm writing this, there are 3,280 "Writers" online, which compared to the 10,671 "Artists" is a relatively small community. So all of us writers whine about how we never get "the attention that we deserve." There are plenty of stamps declaring, "Writers are artists too!" and all that sort of thing. But we never really get anywhere.
Well let's get serious, people.
deviantART easily has the most impressive coding I've ever seen. And the latest updates of the message centre, notes and v7 were stunning. So much is possible; it's time to give writers the edge.
When deviantART's Portfolio feature was released, it stated:
"Some people ask if Portfolio supports Literature, Film or Flash Animations. Unfortunately these formats are not yet supported, but we are working hard to make sure to support these media in the future with presentation formats
:iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 1,149 999
Beauty Fades by TheseKrimzonFlames Beauty Fades :iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 75 34 Stupidity Needs a Cure by TheseKrimzonFlames Stupidity Needs a Cure :iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 98 82
Awesome stuff from amazing artists!! You should go look through their galleries!



United States
*My name is Aly
*I'm a recovering self-harmer
*I'm 21
*I live in Michigan in the US, but attend college at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana
*I write poetry, and contrary to my name, occasionally some prose when my muses agree with me.

Email me: **No, seriously. I'd love to hear from you guys. Introduce yourselves as from deviantART in the subject bar and we can be email buddies!!!**


Current Residence: Michigan, USA
Favourite genre of music: I listen to everything except rap
Operating System: Vista
It's been over one year and four months since I left dA. And today, while looking through some old files, I was reminded of this place. The wonderful, beautiful people I left behind, and the love of writing I once held onto. I don't know where I've been exactly. My muses have been very quiet.


I wrote today. =) For the first time in a long time, I wrote something just for pleasure- something that was not a research paper, or an essay. And it felt so good.

I won't be here everyday. Or even every week, most likely. But I won't be quite so distant as I have been. Aly is slowly returning, at least a little bit.


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Thanks for the fave :love:
PoetryOD Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
Happy birthday honey
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I miss you, Aly... :huggle:
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Indie! :huggle:

I was looking through old files today that reminded me of dA, so I got on, and saw this message, and it made me smile. And then, I wrote. And it felt lovely. And I wouldn't have probably done it if I hadn't seen this.

I'm going to be around more now. =) I miss you too.
RavensQuill Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012  Student Writer
:glomp: It's good to see you. I've been away for a year, too. And when I was looking through some comments on a deviation, I ran across yours, so I went to check and saw you had been gone for a while. I'm glad you're back. And it's wonderful to hear you are writing again!

We will have to catch up soon. :heart:
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I know you are unable to be here, but I still want to wish you a very happy birthday. :heart:
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Thanks. :hug: I popped in today to check on the handing over of Dispoe, and seeing these few messages made my day.
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